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For Parents and Carers

Reading at Bracken Edge

In Early Years we teach discrete phonics sessions daily using Letters and Sounds.

Children are taught listening skills from Nursery and the skill of segmenting and blending orally and build on these skills and develop new phonic skills in Reception. They are given opportunities to apply these in the context of reading and writing.

In Key Stage One we ensure systematic, daily, discrete teaching continues with opportunities to practise and apply in the context of reading, individual and guided reading and all areas of writing. We continue to use Letters and Sounds in Year 1 in Year 2 where appropriate. Phonics Play is used for IWB activities.

In Early Years reading skills are taught using a wide range of reading materials. In Nursery children are taught how to handle books. They learn that all print carries meaning and begin to develop an understanding of story structure and characters through adults sharing and discussing books. In Reception children are taught reading skills through sharing big books. Children are given opportunities for individual reading with an adult, and daily guided reading sessions.

Throughout school reading skills are also taught using a wide range of materials. Children develop reading skills through daily shared reading and individual reading sessions. We also use a range of reading schemes including Oxford reading tree and Jelly and Bean, which provides children with resources and books to support their learning and reading enjoyment.

In addition to class based reading, children can also develop their enjoyment for reading throughout school. They have the opportunity to access the school library to choose from a wider range of books on a weekly basis. Every classroom has a reading area which further promotes and encourages reading for pleasure.