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Time for learners to reflect or review their learning is central to the whole process.

This is in keeping with the ‘Learning to Learn’ principles and oracy expectations of the new National Curriculum where reflection/pupil presentation is seen as a very important part of individuals’ learning programme. Within the Learning Challenge Curriculum it is suggested that the final subsidiary learning challenge is handed over for learners to reflect on their learning. The idea is that learners present their learning back to the rest of the class making the most of their oracy and ICT skills to do so. Initially learners may require a great deal of direction so the reflection time may need to be presented in the form of a question which helps them to review their work. (See Focus resources.)

Although reflection is seen as a concluding part of the prime learning challenge it is hoped that that there will be continual opportunities for learners to reflect frequently, especially as each subsidiary learning challenge comes to an end. Ideally, there should be a good deal of learner autonomy evident during reflection time. There is no single right or wrong way to do this. These are simple reflections that may be useful for staff to see in order to realise that they can work towards something similar. (see Focus resources.)

The MFL chosen by the school is French, and is taught on alternate weeks with Language of the Month.

PSHCE is taught explicitly weekly on a Wednesday afternoon.

The school uses learning logs as the main focus of homework and a fortnightly session takes place to celebrate the children’s learning logs. This alternates with class council, which feeds into the wider school council.

English and Maths is taught in attainment sets, explicitly, using a range of resources, including Abacus and Wordsmith, although the curriculum and core team will work on strengthening links between the learning challenges and core subjects, in particular in writing.